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The OpenTopography Tool Registry provides a community populated clearinghouse of software, utilities, and tools oriented towards high-resolution topography data (e.g. collected with lidar technology) handling, processing, and analysis. Tools registered below range from source code to full-featured software applications. We welcome contributions to the registry via the Contribute a Tool page.

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19 Dec 2017 SlugView

Description: This is a Point Cloud visualization tool developed in conjunction with the University of Santa Cruz. SlugView started out as a general point cloud viewer. Neva Ridge Technologies added numerous capabilities primarily to support visualization of point clouds with associated numeric attributes. The data can have up to 2 associated attributes which can be used to control which points are actually displayed. Multiple point clouds can be displayed at once and can be displayed sequentially as an animation. Input data formats are primarily text files. Each line in the text file would contain X, Y, Z and optionally red, green, blue, and additional attribute values.
Visualization, Point Cloud Analysis, DEM Analysis point cloud, DEM, data visualization, 3D
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