Idaho Lidar Consortium (ILC): South Fork Salmon and Secesh Rivers

These LAS and associated files cover areas of the Payette and Boise National Forests, Idaho, and were collected for and processed by the USDA Forest Service, Moscow, ID in cooperation with Watershed Sciences Inc. of Corvallis Oregon, as a part of a project to use Lidar to study wildfire effects on forest canopy structure and hillslope erosion patterns. Data included with this set include the original .las data tiles, a shapefile delimiting the extent and placement of all of these tiles, another shapefile delimiting the total extent (boundary) of the data , and a vendor's report in PDF format detailing the data collection, processing, and error-checking steps. The data are in LAS 1.0 format with information on return number, easting, northing, elevation, scan angle, number of returns of given pulse, intensity, user data, point source ID, and GPS time.
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