B4 Project - Southern San Andreas and San Jacinto Faults

The B4 Lidar Project collected lidar point cloud data of the southern San Andreas and San Jacinto Faults in southern California. Data acquisition and processing were performed by the National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM) in partnership with the USGS and Ohio State University through funding from the EAR Geophysics program at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Optech International contributed the ALTM3100 laser scanner system. UNAVCO and SCIGN assisted in GPS ground control and continuous high rate GPS data acquisition. A group of volunteers from USGS, UCSD, UCLA, Caltech and private industry, as well as gracious landowners along the fault zones, also made the project possible. If you utilize the B4 data for talks, posters or publications, we ask that you acknowledge the B4 project. The B4 logo can be downloaded here.
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