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Eel River Critical Zone Observatory July 2014 Lidar Survey (532 nm)

NCALM logo This dataset was collected using the Optech Aquarius ALTM, a hybrid laser mapping system which collects simultaneous land and shallow water-depth measurements using a beam wavelength of 532 nm.

This dataset was collected by NCALM for PI Dr. William Dietrich, University of California, Berkeley. The Eel River CZO is a multi-disciplinary research collaborative based at the University of California, Berkeley. CZO research explores how biotic and abiotic factors interact in the near-surface environment (from bedrook to tree tops) and how these relationships impact environmental processes.

The requested survey area consisted of a 1 km wide corridor, running for approximately 115 km along the Eel river. This survey was performed with 3 airborne remote sensing mapping systems. Two of these systems are LiDAR systems: 1) Optech Gemini Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper (ALTM) (serial # 06SEN195) which is an infrared laser mapping sensor and 2) Optech Aquarius ALTM (serial # 11SEN279) which is a hybrid laser mapping system as it collects simultaneous land and shallow water-depth measurements. It operates in the green spectrum, thus enabling it to penetrate water. These two LiDAR mapping systems along with an Optech 12-bit full waveform digitizer were mounted consecutively in a twin-engine Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain (Tail Number N154WW).

The third airborne sensor was for Hyperspectral imaging. This portion of the survey was performed with a CASI-1500 - a push broom type hyperspectral imaging sensor sold by ITRES. It is mounted on a vibration isolated mount together with the Gemini LIDAR sensor. Hyperspectral data are available via this link.
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