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North Carolina Coast: Quantifying Patterns of Coastal Change (June 2006)

NCALM Project. PI: Sara Tebbens, Wright State University. This Lidar survey was conducted over the North Carolina Outer Banks between Cape Lookout and Manteo on June 22, 2006 (GPS Day 173). The survey window needed to be optimized for both a low PDOP (strong satellite geometry) and low tide, with low tide being more essential. Both of these objectives were successfully met as best as possible. Low tide at Cape Hatteras on June 22 (06/22/2006) was 11:02AM LDT and was predicted at -0.2 L. Our survey time was from 10:10 AM - 1:30 PM which included degraded PDOP from 12:15 - 12:45, but was otherwise good.

Three flight passes were required to cover the coastline. The coastline was flown by eye since navigation waypoints for this project were not provided. Data available through OpenTopography were collected at a "low pass" height (600 meters). This area was re-surveyed in July 2007 and data are available through OpenTopography: North Carolina Coast: Quantifying Patterns of Coastal Change (July 2007)

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