1   Golden Bay, Tasman, New Zealand 2017  
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3   Abel Tasman and Golden Bay, Tasman, New Zealand 2016  
4   Blenheim, Marlborough, New Zealand 2014  
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6   Kilauea Volcano, HI July 2018 Acquisition  
7   Kilauea Volcano, HI June 2018 Acquisition  
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9   Distribution and Legacy of Large Landslides, San Gabriel Mountains, CA 2017  
10   Mapping of Hydrothermal Explosion Craters in Yellowstone N.P., WY 2017  
11   Characterizing Forest Structure Changes and Effects on Snowpack, AZ 2017  
12   Post-Kumamoto Earthquake (16 April 2016) Rupture Lidar Scan  
13   Pre-Kumamoto Earthquake (16 April 2016) Rupture Lidar Scan  
14   Very High Resolution Airborne Lidar at Strathalbyn in Queensland, Australia  
15   Wellington Fault, NZ 2010  
16   Hope Fault, NZ 2010  
17   Slip transfer through the Eastern Transverse Ranges, CA 2017  
18   Fault geometry on the Mission Creek-Mill Creek faults, CA 2017  
19   Topographic stress controls, San Bernardino Mountains, CA 2017  
20   B4 Project - Southern San Andreas and San Jacinto Faults - Classified Lidar  
21   Trinity River, Texas 2015  
22   Austin, TX, Rapid Response, 2015  
23   Walker Fault System, Nevada, 2015  
24   Straight Cliffs Formation, South-Central Utah, 2016  
25   Illinois River, OR, Coast Ranges, 2016  
26   San Rafael River, Castle Dale, Utah, 2016  
27   San Bernardino Mountains, CA 2016  
28   Laytonville, CA lidar 2015  
29   Northern Rockies, Montana lidar 2016  
30   Slumgullion Landslide, Colorado (July 10, 2015)  
31   Slumgullion Landslide, Colorado (July 7, 2015)  
32   Slumgullion Landslide, Colorado (July 3, 2015)  
33   West Coast and Hauraki Plains, Waikato, New Zealand 2015  
34   Powder River, MT 2016  
35   Wellington, New Zealand 2013  
36   Eel River Critical Zone Observatory July 2014 Lidar Survey (1064 nm)  
37   Eel River Critical Zone Observatory July 2014 Lidar Survey (532 nm)  
38   Eel River Critical Zone Observatory July 2014 Lidar Survey (1064 nm/Angelo)  
39   Hurunui Rivers, Canterbury, New Zealand 2013  
40   Inyo Domes, CA lidar 2016  
41   2014 USFS Tahoe National Forest Lidar  
42   2013 USFS Tahoe National Forest Lidar  
43   Christchurch and Selwyn, Canterbury, New Zealand 2015  
44   Yosemite Rim Fire, Smithsonian Forest lidar 2013  
45   Yosemite Rim Fire lidar 2013  
46   IML Critical Zone Observatory, Sangamon River, IL Aug 2014 (1064 nm)  
47   IML Critical Zone Observatory, Sangamon River, IL Aug 2014 (532 nm)  
48   IML Critical Zone Observatory, Clear Creek Aug 2014 Lidar Survey (1064 nm)  
49   IML Critical Zone Observatory, Clear Creek Aug 2014 Lidar Survey (532 nm)  
50   Tauranga and Coast, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand 2015  
51   Timaru Rivers, Canterbury, New Zealand 2014  
52   Rangiora, Canterbury, New Zealand 2014  
53   Cheviot and Hawarden, Canterbury, New Zealand 2015  
54   Amberley, Canterbury, New Zealand 2012  
55   Kaikoura, Canterbury, New Zealand 2012  
56   2014-2015 lidar survey of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica  
57   Niobrara River, Nebraska (532 nm)  
58   Niobrara River, Nebraska  
59   Sea Grass Beds, Apalachicola, FL  
60   Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA 2009  
61   Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana, USA 2013  
62   Woodland-encroached sagebrush ecosystem, Nevada  
63   Big Creek, California  
64   Israel's Mediterranean Sharon sea cliff, 2006  
65   Lake Bonneville, Utah  
66   Channel Avulsion in Bishop, California  
67   Little San Bernardino Mountains, Joshua Tree National Park, California  
68   Santa Clarita Topography  
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70   Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory May 9 2010 Snow-On Lidar Survey  
71   Boulder Creek Critical Zone Observatory May 5 2010 Snow-On Lidar Survey  
72   Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory 2016 Leaf Off LiDAR Survey  
73   Everglades National Park  
74   Marlborough Fault System, South Island, New Zealand  
75   Auckland, New Zealand 2013  
76   NEON D17 Pacific Southwest- California  
77   Tushar Mountains, Utah (532 nm)  
78   Tushar Mountains, Utah (1550 nm)  
79   Yucaipa Ridge, San Bernardino Mountains, CA  
80   1959 Hebgen Lake rupture (Montana)  
81   Greys River, WY (532 nm)  
82   Greys River, WY (1550 nm)  
83   Geologic Mapping of Coal Beds (Northeastern Montana)  
84   Volcanic Tablelands in Bishop, California  
85   Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory 2014 Leaf On Survey  
86   Snake River, Wyoming  
87   Mayapan, Mexico   [Private Dataset]
88   Surprise Valley, CA  
89   Poleta Folds, southern Deep Springs Valley, California  
90   August 24, 2014 South Napa Earthquake  
91   Wheeler Ridge, CA  
92   Lunar Crater Volcanic Field, Central Nevada  
93   Kremmling, CO: Blue and Colorado River Confluence  
94   Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, AZ  
95   State of Utah Acquired Lidar Data - Wasatch Front  
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98   Harper Lake Fault Slip Distribution, Central Mojave, CA  
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105   Rapid Response to 2011 Mississippi Flood  
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109   Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii  
110   South Florida Everglades  
111   California Coast: Big Creek, Vincente, Arroyo Seco, Scotts Creek, UCSC  
112   Victor Harbour - South Australia, 2011  
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116   Southwest Flank of Mt.Rainier, WA  
117   Raleigh Peak, Colorado: May 2010  
118   2010 CU-Boulder Campus and Flatirons  
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123   Southern Sierra Nevada Critical Zone Observatory: Snow On  
124   Southern Sierra Nevada Critical Zone Observatory: Snow Off  
125   Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory: Leaf On Survey  
126   Susquehanna Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory: Leaf Off Survey  
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135   Survey of Parts of Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers  
136   Death Valley National Park, CA: Badwater Basin  
137   Coastal Dune Fields of Garopaba and Vila Nova, Santa Catarina State, Brazil  
138   PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP): San Simeon, CA Central Coast  
139   PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP): Los Osos, CA Central Coast  
140   PG&E Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP): Diablo Canyon, CA Central Coast  
141   Mojave Desert, CA: Precariously Balanced Rocks in Seismic Hazard Analysis  
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144   Yosemite National Park: Poopenaut Valley and Wawona  
145   Missisquoi Watershed Lidar  
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150   Plum Island, MA  
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152   White Sands National Monument, NM: Lidar Survey of Dune Fields (Jan 2009)  
153   Pahrump Valley: California/Nevada State Line  
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159   Niwot Ridge Long-Term Ecological Research Site, Colorado  
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163   Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Mt. Tamalpais State Park, CA  
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170   Lawrenceville, IL: Detecting Tectonically Deformed Shorelines  
171   Furnace Creek and Fish Lake Valley Fault Zones, Death Valley National Park  
172   Raplee Ridge, Utah  
173   2011 - 2013 Indiana Statewide Lidar  
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175   West Bijou Creek, CO  
176   South Fork Eel River, CA: Understanding Terrace Formation and Abandonment  
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179   New Madrid Seismic Zone  
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181   Yosemite, CA: Spatial & Temporal Patterns of Nitrogen Export  
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185   Corpus Cristi, TX: Influence of Dunes & Barrier Islands on Hurricane Surge  
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188   Cache NF, UT: Predicting Bonneville Cutthroat Trout Spawning Hotspots  
189   Boise NF, ID: Avalanche Forecasting and Acoustic Detection  
190   Bitterroot NF, ID: Transient Hillslope Response to Knickpoint Migration  
191   Medicine Bow NF, WY: Forest Ecosystem Impacts by Mountain Pine Beetle  
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193   Jemez River Basin Snow-off Lidar Survey  
194   Jemez River Basin Snow-on Lidar Survey  
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196   Geomorphic Effects of Landslide Dams on the Owyhee River, Oregon  
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219   USBR Upper Columbia River Basin West  
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225   Surface Expression of the 1886 Charleston, South Carolina Earthquake  
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241   Yosemite National Park, CA: Rockfall Studies  
242   NW Nevada: Modeling of Meander Channel Evolution  
243   Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory July 2010 Lidar Survey  
244   Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory April 2010 Lidar Survey  
245   2005 San Diego Urban Region Lidar  
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248   Teton Conservation District, Wyoming Lidar  
249   Lemhi Watershed - US Bureau of Reclamation  
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263   B4 Project - Southern San Andreas and San Jacinto Faults  
264   West Rainier Seismic Zone, WA  
265   Northern San Andreas Fault, CA