OpenTopography Real Time Analytics


Total number of registered users: 29,616
Total number of unique users (including guest users) that ran jobs:
Total number of power users: 899

Newly registered users in last 12 months: 6,349   [View detail]
Unique users running portal jobs in last 12 months:   [View detail]

Registered user Affiliations (self identified):


Number of Point cloud datasets: 294   [View detail]
Number of points available: 1.30 trillion
Point cloud coverage area (km2): 244,539

Number of high resolution raster datasets: 167   [View detail]
Number of global raster datasets: 6

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Total number of portal jobs run: 377,740   [View detail]
            Point Cloud: 133,096   [Detailed dataset breakdown]  
            Number of points processed: 5.55 trillion
            Raster: 244,644   [Detailed dataset breakdown]  

Total HPC jobs invoked: 18,961
            Point Cloud: 5,988
            Raster: 12,973

Global datasets API calls: 485,150
Total global datasets usage (incl. API calls): 700,954